We have the equipment and skills,
now we have the best data in the world!

Hansen Automotive is now a Berrima Diesel Custom ECU Tuning Agent.

You can get the same world renowned tune from Hansen Automotive that you would get from Berrima Diesel right here in Bunbury.

As a Berrima Diesel Custom ECU Tuning Agent, Hansen Automotive has immediate access to 3rd generation Diesel Experts who have been leading the industry since 1956 over 30 years of tuning data , absolutely every diesel powered vehicle covered!

Up to 40% Torque gains
Better Fuel Economy
New Vehicle and Engine Driveline Warranty

So no matter what diesel vehicle you have, when you want better performance and fuel economy, Hansen Automotive can give you the same world renowned tuning that Berrima Diesel has been providing for over 30 years.