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we’re here today with Scott from the DPchip now Scott what exactly is an aftermarket chip? An aftermarket chip for diesel vehicles basically an electronic device, a piggyback chip as it were that intercepts a signal that’s being sent to the fuel pump and makes changes to the fuel and timing to improve your fuel system. You mentioned diesel is that obviously don’t suit petrol motors but what sort of vehicles do they suit with in the diesel range?

Okay an aftermarket chip will suit any electronic diesel vehicle basically in Australia, that’s usually anything made after 2000 and what sort of features, well a good quality chip will have a good warranty. Often warranty concerns especially with modern vehicles they have long warranties from the factory on them, from the dealers anyway, so a chip that’ll have a good aftermarket warranty on the device itself probably a five-year warranty also a chip that would have a new vehicle engine and driver long warranties probably quite important. Often people are afraid to fit aftermarket products or new vehicles, another thing would be to do with the circuitry on the chip itself make sure you get something that’s using digital circuitry.  Using circuitry that’s hardwired into a circuit board that surface-mounted rather than you’ll see cheap chips often use potted circuitry and if you have a look through the epoxy potting you can often see large resistors and things like that so it’s using older technology you’re better off to use modern circuitry hardwired into a circuit board and how hard aftermarket chips to install very easy all the common rail stuff is basically plug in and refit in about five or ten minutes and the other stuff is probably a 30 40 minute fill-up itself install usually.

Yeah with a good chip, adjustability.  A good chip would probably want to be adjustable yeah you’d want to make adjustments to suit different vehicles. Every vehicle is a little bit different as it comes out of the factory even if they’re built on the same day the same vehicle they can have variations so adjustability just helps to allow for that difference between vehicles. And what about on the road adjustments? A good chip will allow you to make subtle adjustments so you can account for differences between vehicles. Also if you modified your vehicle to a large or in a cooler bigger exhaust an adjustable chip you can adjust that up to take advantage of those modifications.

Well people I know that have a chip talk about being out of tune it up they set it for one or two for normal driving but when they come to a big obstacle or something up set it right up to six. You can do that sort of thing here with some chips you can laptop tune the chip itself to allow for heavily modified vehicles with a laptop adjustable chip you can really adjust it up the sky’s the limit basically. Scott from DP chip, awesome information thank you for your time.

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