MRB No. 7580

Hansen Automotive (ABN 80 146 792 823) is an Australian business and the prices displayed on our site are in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

Hansen Automotive Are The Western Australian Agents For DPCHIP.

Easier overtaking and towing. DPChip improves acceleration for safer overtaking. Improve safety by reducing your time on the wrong side of the road when overtaking. Makes towing, particularly up long hills, much much easier. DPChip will effectively give you about 1 1/2 gears better.
The DPChip really proves itself offroad, especially where momentum needs to be maintained, such as sand, mud and snow. It will also assist where constant low-rpm torque is required such as long and steep uphill gradients. Maintain comfortable cruising speeds when towing in hilly or heavy conditions such as sand, snow or muddy ground.
Impoved fuel economy. You will find less need to change down gears and if you are towing a heavy load you will find you no longer have to put your foot to the floor and hold it there to get going. The DPChip gives you the power and torque you need, right throughout the rev range.
Improves throttle response for finer vehicle control in low range offroad situations.Realise the full potential of your vehicle modifications from improved acceleration after installation of larger diameter tyres to even more power when you fit a larger intercooler or larger exhaust.
Improves 4WD performance in all terrains from the desert to the high country.

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