MRB No. 7580

Hansen Automotive (ABN 80 146 792 823) is an Australian business and the prices displayed on our site are in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

Hansen Automotive Are The Western Australian Agents For DPCHIP.

Only DPChip is developed and tested in Australia. Only DPChip alters the complete fuel and timing mapping to keep peak engine temperatures down and is calibrated for Australia’s harsh conditions, poor diesel fuel quality and high air temperatures.
DPCHIP is adjustable. If you have modified your vehicle with aftermarket enhancements such as larger intercooler, larger diameter tyres, larger exhaust then the DPChip can be fine tuned to get your fuel system working in conjunction with these enhancements to achieve their full potential for your vehicle. Each DPChip comes preset to your vehicle for a factory standard vehcile there is no need for further adjustment.
If you modify your vehicle, for example with larger intercooler, larger exhaust etc, then the DPChip can be adjusted to get the full benefit of these modifications. A larger exhaust will do little on it’s own to an electronically controlled diesel unless the fuel system is adjusted (via a DPChip) to take advantage of the extra air flow.

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