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Hansen Automotive (ABN 80 146 792 823) is an Australian business and the prices displayed on our site are in Australian Dollars (AUD) only.

Hansen Automotive Are The Western Australian Agents For DPCHIP.

DPChip. It’s a simple plug-in electronic computer module that has been individually programmed for your vehicle to alter the fuel, timing, boost, pressure and air characteristics for safe, upgraded performance returns across a wider power band. No expensive ECU flash tunes, no fancy remaps and no outlandish claims of clutch-destroying power upgrades. The DPChip module plugs into the existing wiring harness and it takes only a couple of minutes to install.

With the DPChip living downstream of the factory ECU, all engine safety modes are left intact. If something goes wrong then all standard factory engine fault codes will activate, uninterrupted by the mod.

Each DPCHIP tunes with digital accuracy adding additional information to your engines original signals. The DPCHIP works with the vehicles’ computer to further fine tune the Fuel and Timing of the engine for More Power and Torque. This increased Power Band can lead to safer driving and potentially better economy.

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