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GVM Upgrades in Bunbury

Well, there are good reasons GVM limits exist, and just as good a reasons to have it increased on your vehicle OFFICIALLY!

Most important is safe and controllable vehicle handling, especially in emergency situations. Ever tried to change lanes in a hurry with a loaded-up vehicle? Especially if you have something on the roof, the lurch and sway can range from scary to outright dangerous.

While investigating a claim, insurance companies often look at vehicle loading to determine if there have been any breaches of legislation. If it means they won’t need to pay out a claim, they are going to examine it closely, and they do!

Did You Know We Are Service Agent’s for  Dobinson’s Spring and Suspensions?

Upgrading the GVM of a vehicle makes it far easier to head off on a trip at a legal weight. This will keep you away from fines, any potential criminal charges, and will keep your insurance policy watertight.

But far more importantly, it’s worth considering why these laws exist. By travelling at a legal weight, your vehicle will be safer and so too will be your loved ones or mates going with you. When off-roading, a suspension setup that is built to handle the conditions and is also engineered to carry additional weight, is far less likely to have issues along the way. Upgrading the GVM doesn’t increase the GCM, that issue is best solved by matching the appropriately loaded vehicle and tow load.

GVM upgrades do however usually result in the vehicle’s suspension better handling their more back heavy load caused by the downward hitch weight of the camper. If the hitch weight is 100kg, then that is included in the GVM weigh-in, so an upgrade helps offset that too.