LDV T60 (2017) 2.8L Turbo Diesel 4Cyl. VGT Intercooler PROV-31


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LDV T60 (2017 on) 2.8L TD Turbo Diesel 4Cyl. 16V VGT + Intercooler


Mann Provent Oil Catch Can Kit for:
LDV Maxus T60 (2017 on) 2.8L TD
Turbo Diesel 4Cyl. 16V VGT + Intercooler
Advantages of MANN+HUMMEL ProVent Catch Cans Compared to cheaper imports include:
  • Highly efficient oil separation providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream.
  • Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems.
Features Include:
  • Maintenance friendly – fittings are not removed during element maintenance.
  • Universal usage: exceptional for variable flow rates.
  • Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure.
  • Light and robust design with no electrical energy required.
  • Compact design, low pressure loss, low running costs.
  • This unit fits inline between hose from the top of the crankcase back to the air intake, removing oily sludge and condensation, saving your inter-cooler and turbo from blocking up !
  • The filter element is usually changed at about 40,000 kms intervals. Note: some engines more, some engines less !
  • Individual replacement parts available.
Kit OS-PROV-31 Includes:
  • 1x Provent 200 Unit
  • 1x Vehicle Specific Bracket
  • 1x Top Hose – joints & clamps
  • 1x Lower Hose – joints & clamps
  • 1x Pack Fittings (Nuts, bolts & washers)
  • 1x Drain Fitting Kit
  • 1x Instruction Sheet

Download PDF installation instructions.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 27 × 15 cm