To Suit:

  • Volkswagen Amarok     CDBA     2012 – 2019


This filter unit is to be used as a Pre-Filter to separate water & contaminates thus avoiding costly repairs due to poor fuel quality.
This kit comes complete with specific fitting instructions and mounting bracket so all of the hard work is done !
Kit FM603DPK Includes:
  • Fuel Manager 30 micron Filtration Unit
  • Mounting Bolts, Washers and Nyloc Nuts
  • Spare 30 Micron Replacement Filter
  • 4m 3/8 Inch Quality Fuel Hose
  • Direction Plus Filter Bracket
  • Blanking Plugs
  • 2x Straight tail fittings Hose Clamps
  • Thread Paste Sealant (6ml Tube)
  • 3x 6mm Bolt
  • 2x 6mm Washer 13mm
  • 1x 6mm Washer 25mm
  • 2x 6mm Washer small
  • 2x 6mm Nyloc nuts
  • 1x 6mm spring washer
  • 1x 8mm Bolt, Washer & Nut
  • 1x Quick Fit male and matching 1x Quick Fit female
NOTE: This rear hole has two variations; it can have a thread to take a 6mm bolt, or sometimes the hole has no thread, but is a hexagon shaped hole. In which case you would use an 8mm bolt with a nut. The Amarok fuel supply system cannot be primed or bled in the usual manner. VW dealers use a scan tool to activate the tank mounted electric supply pump when changing a filter. Consequently you need to pre fill the Fuel Manager filter at the time of installation. For this you will need about 400ml of diesel in a clean container or bottle.
Install all fittings and plugs with the thread paste.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 26.5 × 27 × 15 cm